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The word Consultant makes me cringe. "A person that provides expert advice professionally" creates an underlying tone that a consultant knows the business better than the owner.  So let's set that term aside and be very clear, the owner of the business is the expert.  No one knows your business better than you, but too often owners become administrators, the phone keeps ringing and dealing with the day to day takes over the to-do list. 
Welcome to Leap With Danielle
I provide business services for owners who are looking to attract more customers, increase profits, and calm your office clutter.   I work with owners to clarify their priorities, plan for growth and take their operations from good to great.   
Leap with Danielle is based on the premise that every business owner knows how to run their business but hungry owners are continually working on their edge. 
I am the next step, the edge. 
Let's meet and discuss how I can enhance your business.
It's time to Leap with Danielle.

Tyler Allair, Owner & Creative Director


Having worked with Danielle on a number of projects over the last few years, I have always found her to be a dynamic, energetic, and thoroughly capable business development professional with an excellent grasp on the value of core strategic, and long-term business planning. 

Tara Doyle, Manager of Programs


Danielle Millar was and continues to be, a mentor of mine.  I owe much of my business knowledge and continued successes to her professional expertise.  She saw something in me in April of 2012, when she hired me to work alongside her at the Gravenhurst Chamber of Commerce.  She envisions the bigger picture, and how to get there through detailed strategic plans, marketing proposals and budgetary commitments.  If you hire Danielle you will not be disappointed, in fact, you will make the right business decision and if you're fortunate enough, a friend for life. 

Dave Campbell, Co-owner


When setting up our retail business in Gravenhurst, Danielle was quick to provide valuable advice and easy to understand rationale.  We certainly owe much of our rapid growth, and early success to her input.

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The Tale of  Three Business Owners

The Tale of Three Business Owners chronicles common scenarios most business owners encounter.  Luckily, this tale will have a happy ending by working with Danielle to plan your businesses operations, growth and future prosperity. Can you relate?

Captain Tomorrow

Captain Tomorrow has a successful business, great staff and the phone is ringing off the hook.  But Captain Tomorrow rarely sleeps, all the coulda, woulda and shoulda's add up and the middle of the night is more a subconscious to-do list than rest filled.  Captain Tomorrow decided to stop the madness and work with Danielle. The Captain did not need another full/parttime staff member but wanted an extension of the staff to bring objective perspective and practical solutions allowing the owner to gain some much need time.  


Master Meh

Master Meh is tidy, has everything organized perfectly and is a CRA shining star.  The Master is completely committed to their business but it could be busier.  Change can be hard to embrace and for Master Meh, their business is a little too safe.  If Master Meh is feeling stale, you can bet her customers are also feeling a little blah.  It's time for the Master to Leap with Danielle.  Time for some fresh perspectives and practical approaches.  This is less about fixing and focused on more - more exposure, more customers, more opportunities and more revenue.

The Power Player

The Power Player has grand plans and needs a point person.  The Power Player is at a point that they want to enjoy their southern vacations while keeping their business on point.  The power player knows the big picture and how to get there.  They choose to Leap with Danielle to ensure no opportunities are missed.  The Power Player knows that a business plan is key, that many financing options exist and grant money can be utilized.  But the Power Player is also honest about the chances of them writing down the plan being slim to none. The Power Player wants the goal, loves to win and knows stacking the bench is part of the game.  

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Tim Webb, Owner

Having experienced Danielle in full-throttle action managing both the Chamber of Commerce and in numerous special events, I hasten to laud the indomitable drive and imagination of this person. Any business would vastly benefit from having her imagination, experience and skill as a driving force behind it.

Bob Collins, Owner


Danielle and I accomplished many things because we collaborated on action plans and future goals. Not always on the same page going in but ending as a team. She is smart, a strategic thinker and fun to work with. Swears and drinks too*.


*Please note that swearing and drinking is contained to appropriate times, situations and dynamics*

Rick Dalmazzi, Partner & General Manager


I served on Danielle’s board when she was running the Chamber of Commerce then hired her to help us out at the brewery.  She is a quick study and can tackle a complex project with little difficulty.  It’s rare to find someone who is both analytical and creative, but that accurately describes Danielle.  I’ll certainly continue to use her services.

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How It Works

  • We Meet

  • We Leap

  • We Work

  • We Review

  • We Repeat

  • We will discuss your business and how I may help and what you are looking for

  • I will follow-up with an outline of recommendations and pricing based on our discussion

  • You Leap with Danielle

  • We agree on a scheduled meeting time (it will be short & sweet) and I start working on the task list

  • We review our progress and results, celebrate and determine what's next

  • We start on our next project and continue to Leap

The Nitty Gritty

  • Fees are hourly and range depending on the scope of the project (It's more than a bookkeeper but much less than an accountant)

  • I am a mobile office and can work onsite 

  • Let's keep it casual.  Let's meet and determine our compatibility before we discuss commitments


Contact Me

Gravenhurst, Ontario

Tel: 705-394-5790

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