And So She Leapt

I'm taking the leap! I'm starting my own business.

Despite the fact that long-term commitment is kinda my jam, with business I love project work and keeping it casual. From my experience owning and managing businesses, there were many times I wished to have an additional casual team member to assist with overseeing a project or executing a new opportunity.

Leap with Danielle offers business services to owners looking to grow, thrive and get noticed. Doesn't it make sense to surrender the tasks you loathe? It may be time to add a resource to tackle the never getting done list. I suspect this is appealing to owners based on the as-needed commitment and am confident that the results will speak for themselves.

I chose the name Leap with Danielle because, with any venture, you can only go so far before you need to take a leap of faith. Once you start leaping, business is about continually taking calculated risks. Leaps of faith are needed for creating growth, adopting change and overcoming challenges.

Because I'm offering business services, I thought developing a blog about my own process, strategy and challenges may be relatable to other business owners.

So here's what I've been up to the past month: - Avoid using the word consultant, figuring out a way to communicate what I want to do without using the dreaded consultant word - Talk myself into and out of having my own business daily - Taking the leap and begin building a website - Developing a budget & timeline - Developing some visuals, headers and graphics - Creating a launch plan & marketing strategy - Consulting my trusted advisors - Working on my pitch, the why, what I do

With B2B word of mouth is king. I need to let as many people know as possible about my venture and promote credible endorsements. I also have to create resources to arm my supporters with so they can easily share my details. The business cards are ordered and over the course of the next month I will be reaching out to my network, generating awareness and searching for opportunities.

So I am off to the races. The hustle has begun. I am motivated by the Why's - why now, why it matters, why others will care. This is two-fold, first I want to focus on what I do best. Less multitasking and more results offering a service I wished was available to my past businesses. Living the dream by focusing on what I love doing and what I do best.

Second is flexibility, I need greater balance between home, kids, wellness and business. Work has always been easy, I never complained about the 60 hour weeks that it takes to be an owner/operator. But I started to feel that my work success was at the expense of my personal wellbeing and family. So time to adapt, change and seek the elusive balance I've heard so much about. Yet another Leap.

So this is a win-win, supporting businesses, their growth and setting my own hours.

So wish me luck, I have leapt!

All the reasons to Leap summed up in one photo

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