Friends Don't Let Friends Put Copyrighted Cats in Their Branding

Branding is a process. For some this comes naturally, to others it is an arduous but precise process. I would love to say that I am a natural born artistic designer with an eye for the style but that is not true. I prefer to take an evolutionary approach to branding. Just start, communicate your concept, be as clear as possible and the branding will begin to fall into place. I like to take some time to warm up to a concept.

When I announced Leap with Danielle last week, I created my first Facebook post. I intentionally made it quickly and a little rough around the edges. My piece de resistance being a Puma-like cat flying from mountain to mountain. Did you notice the cat?

The reason for the cat, my seven-year-old is a world-class cat lady. I mean chosen by the universe to be Mother of Kittens. Need proof? Please see exhibit A & B.

Exhibit A - Exhibit B-

Exhibit A- Cats are Appealing to 7-year olds
Exhibit B - Kids and Cats are cute but is it align?

So upon announcing I quickly got to work polishing my leap concept and branding sans copyright infringement cat. I am slightly convinced that shamelessly exploiting the online worlds' love of cats to catch attention was a success. This was not necessarily the way I want to represent my business long term.

So you will notice a more streamlined approach moving forward. The initial concept intact but a polished concept. I could have waffled for days over perfecting every aspect but I knew my first audience and felt that it was time to leap.

A few takeaways I would like to point out from my own experiences:

1 - Know who you are, understand your approach and stay true to what feels right. Perfection is not my strength. Efficiency, creativity and intuition are more my DNA.

2 - Be critical of your own work. Not crippled to move forward critical, but objective and honest about how others may view your "good enough" efforts.

3 - Keep working on it. Progress over perfect is a daily mantra. But make sure the good enough doesn't last forever. If you're stalled bring in the supports and get moving.

4- Know your audience. Cats work well for 7-year olds but probably do not resonate with the average Muskoka-based business owner with a median age range of 40 - 55. 5- People are polite. For the most part, supporters and potential clients are forgiving. But to truly branch out, bolster new business and create new opportunities you need to have your branding on point. Not sure you are there yet? Phone a friend or ask for opinions and tips. If you are lucky, you will have a friend who supportively and honestly reaches out to assist with your branding, consider their points and call them when you are ready.

Friends don't let friends put copyrighted cats in their branding.

The Before - The After -

The Before Leap Launch Post

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