Your Mindset Can Be Your MindF$@K

I was always a work hard, play hard Gen Xer. Add children, family and friends to the equation, pile on a home, and a million other obligations; all of a sudden the pride I felt in being an amazing multitasker is now destructive.

Last year one of my goals was to reduce my obligations and calm my multi-tasking nature. Doing less has made me so happy. Keeping it casual has been freeing.

So how does old Danielle and new Danielle coexist? How do they build a business together that harnesses old Danielle's drive and ambition while allowing new Danielle to not constantly watch the clock wishing for more time?

I wish I could say old Danielle's habits are no longer present. But lying is bad. I have started a habit of challenging my "No Time" mindset. I need to remind myself of how this scarcity mindset is destructive prohibiting growth and happiness.

With Leap, I have made the commitment to continually work on ensuring business opportunities were not the expense of my wellbeing. A novel concept that in all honesty was never part of my work/life pendulum.

The Abundance Cycle

The Scarcity Mindset Cycle

Old Danielle would have spent every waking work hour focusing on her clients and their projects. New Danielle needs to trust that her focus and attention will garner the results moving her clients forward without it being fueled by work harder tendencies.

Bottom Line - Changing how you operate is Fucking scary.

It is also really Fucking empowering and liberating!

Yesterday, I spent most of the day cleaning up my admin, learning about new resources and working on Leap. I had to talk myself off the ledge hourly about taking time to focus on Leap rather than clients. Taking time to work on my business rather than working in it is crucial to growth and advancement.

It was a good reminder of just how hard it can be to carve out time to care for your business as well as taking time for yourself. I used to loathe people who took the time, it seemed like such an underutilized use of time. New Danielle says yep that embracing abundance makes you clearer, stronger and more effective.

Look at this photo, does anything in this photo represent scarcity or negativity? It looks pretty damn cozy to me. I need to remind myself that I always feel short on time and that going to a yoga class would not change that feeling.

Abundance vs. Scarcity Mindset is the difference between great work and results and the pressure of success.

I refuse to believe that I am alone in this battle. Those damn Millennials seem to have balance and self-care intuitively down pat. So for all you compulsive multitaskers out there, I hope you can relate to this struggle.

Here is the rundown on yesterday:

6:30 am - Rise & Shine (it's a snow day, the 9,856th one this school year) 7:15 am - Shuffle around the girl's plans, negotiate on snow day expectations and schedule 7:30 am - Working on social media posts, content and the daily workflow plan 8:45 am - Dishwasher, breakfast, laundry, cleaning for the cleaning lady, organize kids and their plans 9:00 am - Client work & projects 10:15 am - Yoga 11:30 am - Leap work, registered for advanced SEO course, software glitches, tech support 1:00 pm - Lunch Prep 1:30 pm - Amazing client lunch meeting full of unicorns and rainbows 3:00 pm - Client project 6:00 pm - Prep dinner & dinner company 8:00 pm - Kids evening wind down 8:30 pm - Nighttime boring stuff that let Mom's sleep well

So on paper, this looks like a great day? A balanced day and progressive day. So why the self-doubt the constant questioning? Old habits are hard to break, they take continual questioning and correction.

Bottom Line, New Danielle is not putting up with Old Danielle's bullshit pressure. I challenge the scarcity mindset and I call bullshit. I look at the photo above and remind myself that my life is brimming with abundance.

So challenging my Scarcity Mindset has been a very relevant topic for me this past year, to say the least.............

Today, I have everything I need and am fully capable of producing amazing results that are positive contributions to my life. - How is that for an affirmation?

Those who loved skeptical Old Danielle, do not fear New Danielle is chalked with Sass-o-plenty. New Danielle is also very honest about her priorities starting with work/life abundance.

Check out this video, I think it summarizes the scarcity vs. abundance mindset well.

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